There are typically three ways to collect:

  1. Use an attorney.
    Attorney fees are usually high and they want a retainer
    before beginning collection.
  2. Collect it yourself.
    Collecting debts yourself is often too time consuming
    and it distracts you from your core business
  3. Crain, Georgopulos and Associates, Inc.
    Refer your collection problems to a professional.
    You pay nothing unless we collect,
    then it’s only a percentage of what’s already
    owed to you.

WE HAVE the “BIG 3’s”

  1. We establish the legal threat as we will send
    the file to an attorney upon your request.
  2. We already have a skip-tracing program in effect
    along with trained professional collectors.
  3. We work in volume and have systems in place to
    ensure a high percentage of collectibility.

“The ONLY Collection Agency
You Will EVER Need”

Crain, Georgopulos & Associates
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